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Our Students Say


"I came to the DAA from France, where I studied at a  renowned TCM school. I wanted a clinical experience, something that was impossible to gain in Paris. Choosing the DAA over the other Dutch schools had much to do with the school and the dean's reputation within the TCM European community. DAA has superseded my expectations, not only due to the world class faculty, all of whom are recognised experts, published researchers, and authors, but mostly due to the excellent instruction and training. The teachers are gracious in transmitting their vast knowledge and the classes are comprehensive and well curated.

The theoretical lectures also include a Western Medicine perspective with many in the faculty having experience in this field. This knowledge has been useful in conveying ailments to patients, who know nothing of the TCM theory ; it has also deepened my understanding when manipulating needles and in adding to my insights of the TCM theory.  

The standard and exigencies at the DAA are high, but the rewards of gaining the confidence and the tools to embark in this profession are sweet. 


Professional Female

I’ve been looking to study TCM for a number of years, but was not able to find any schools offering hybrid study option, until I connected to DAA. By now I finished half of the year of Study and can say that course and teaching methods are meeting the highest standards one may have. In depth study requires dedication from the students indeed, and we have all support from professors and study materials provide all necessary insights to study. Highly recommended DAA for anyone deciding to embark on the journey of TCM, it’s truly a life changing experience! 

- Anna 

I am Barbara from Slovenia. After finishing high school, I started studying oriental languages (sinology). It
was then that I came into contact with traditional Chinese medicine for the first time as a translator for a
renowned Chinese doctor. My path later took me to China, where I worked as a teacher and translator for
many years. During my fourteen-year stay in Beijing, I solved my health problems many times, also with the
help of traditional Chinese medicine.
Therefore, the desire to learn these skills myself and use my knowledge to help people overcome health
problems was growing in me. After returning home, I obtained the appropriate qualifications to perform
massages, which I currently perform in a recreational health center.
In addition to massage, I have always been very attracted to health therapeutic interventions with the help of
acupuncture. That's why I started looking for an institution where I could get a proper education and learn
these skills practically. Among the offers, I immediately caught the attention of the Dutch Acupuncture Academy.
A well-arranged online portal, a good presentation of the study programs, an interesting set of lecturers and
the possibility of practical training convinced me, that I decided to study acupuncture.
After a good half year, I know I decided correctly. The lecturers reveal and explain the anatomical,
physiological, emotional peculiarities and laws of the human body in connection with traditional Chinese medicine.
I note that in our year (2023/2024) there is an interesting group of students who are serious about their
studies and assigned tasks. We cooperate well with each other. The first midterm exam is behind me, which
I successfully passed. I hope it will continue like this and I am already looking forward to the first practical exercises.

- Barbara 

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" My name is Xin, and I'm excited to share my TCM journey with you. As a full-time financial professional, I lead a busy life, but TCM has been instrumental in maintaining my well-being amidst the hustle and bustle.TCM has been a profound source of healing and wisdom in my life, addressing a wide range of health issues from migraines, lower back pain, and acid reflux to inflamed tonsils, numb arms, and even cold sores.


But TCM is more than just a form of medical treatment for me. It's a holistic approach that has enabled me to understand myself and the universe on a deeper level. Through TCM, I've learned to harmonize mind, body, and spirit, leading to a more balanced and fulfilling life.


At DAA, I've had the privilege of learning from exceptional lecturers who have shared their comprehensive experiences and wisdom with me. The vivid clinical case stories have been particularly inspiring, highlighting the effectiveness and versatility of TCM in addressing various health challenges. Balancing my career with my passion for TCM hasn't been easy, but the lectures at DAA have been invaluable. They provide clear guidelines on where to focus my limited study time, allowing me to make the most of every moment spent learning. "

- Xin

"It's a very inspiring studying experience at DAA. I enjoy and benefit a lot from the high quality of the education, including the renowned teachers and insightful group apprenticeship days. The small class size means that we could have a lot more personalized attention during and after class. I'm learning a lot not only about the TCM knowledge, but also about how to become a good and responsible TCM practitioner. I'm always inspired by seeing how the teachers master their practice and care for the patients in their clinics. I'm really grateful to have found DAA and start my journey as an acupuncturist here."

- Peiqi

Asian doctor checking a X-ray image
Senior Woman

- Elena 



The best thing about DAA is how practical it is. The teachers aren't just book smart; they've actually worked as practitioners in their TCM clinics, so they know what they're talking about.
In combination with practical classes that take place with demo-patients in clinics, this provides the opportunity for a deep immersion into the world of TCM

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- Limin Wang

"My name is Limin Wang. I have a deep interest in Chinese medicine because becoming a doctor has been my childhood dream. As a beginner, I studied the basic textbooks of Chinese medical schools and gained a comprehensive understanding of TCM. As I continue to acquire more knowledge and skills, I have also dedicated myself to clinical practice. I have apprenticed in clinics and practiced acupuncture with my colleagues to experience the arrival of Qi. Additionally, I have learned Chinese Tuina, cupping, and moxibustion. Learning Chinese medicine is a challenging journey that requires strong interest, motivation, and perseverance. However, mastering Chinese medicine will bring lifelong benefits, enhancing not only your personal well-being but also your family and career."

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- Lisa Liu

"When I was in China, like most Chinese, I did not fully understand the value of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). After living in the Netherlands for five years and immersing myself in Western culture, I rediscovered my appreciation for Chinese culture. I came to realize the immense value of TCM, which is based on thousands of years of medical practice. The classic medical texts are revered, often kept in boxes made of gold. TCM is truly a gift to the world, and for me, it is a double gift.

Upon deciding to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture, I researched various schools in the Netherlands and ultimately chose the Dutch Acupuncture Academy (DAA). I am grateful for institutions like DAA, where many lecturers hold PhD degrees in medicine or were former university professors with their own clinics. DAA places great emphasis on practical experience, which I believe is paramount in TCM education. My classmates come from diverse backgrounds and countries, making our learning journey truly enriching."

Young Female Portrait

- Annalisa

Having started my TCM studies in China, I found the DAA very authentic and on point in terms of quality of education and experience of lecturers. The structure of the programs allow students to take the time to let all the information sink in, makes sense of everything learned and eventually deepen a number of topics. The lecturers are always available for clarifications and for further explanations as well as personal advices on how to navigate into this amazing universe of Chinese Medicine. The structure of the exams and homework is also extremely efficient because we focus on studying most of the time and we have the right amount of "pressure" to review, repeat, write summary, meet with fellow students to exchange point of views and discuss about case studies especially. Of all the things I am very happy about the DAA I have to say the apprenticeship is the number one: from the very first year we have been doing practice with doctors on pulse and tongue diagnosis, on acupoints, herbs and treatments. The apprenticeship days are the most intense ones and the ones we really learn and understand things with, putting theory in practice, learning how to do be Chinese Medicine doctors watching and practicing with supervision, so we all feel super safe. We work with demo patients and analyse in details every single case with the doctor, asking many questions and experiencing the real Chinese medicine life. I love this!

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