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Foundation of Chinese Medicine

Tea Time

For Whom ?

The Course "Foundation of Chinese Medicine"  training is intended for anyone who wants to delve deeper into Chinese Medicine and whether or not wants to make it his or her profession.

  • People who want to devote into complementary healthcare

  • People from regular healthcare who want to broaden their visions 

  • Therapists in complementary care who want to expand their medicare skills

  • Doctors, dentists, physiotherapists, nurses from conventional health system with open mind 

  • The required prior education for Foundation of Chinese Medicine is at least HAVO or MBO-4. 

If you have any doubts about whether this course is suitable for you, you can always contact us for a personal conversation.

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What does this course cover?

This course encompasses a comprehensive exploration of fundamental theories and practices within traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). 

1. Traditional theory such as Holistic Approach, Yin Yang and Five Elements Theory: Students delve into the philosophical concepts of Yin and Yang, exploring their interplay and dynamic balance within the body and the universe. Additionally, the Five Elements theory is examined, which categorizes phenomena into Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water, elucidating their relationships and influences on health and disease.

2. Theory of Qi, Blood, Body Fluid, and Essence: This segment focuses on the vital substances of Qi, Blood, Body Fluid, and Essence in TCM theory. Students learn about the nature, functions, and interconnections of these essential elements within the body, as well as their role in maintaining health and vitality.

3. Zang Fu Theory: Zang Fu theory elucidates the functional roles of the organs (Zang) and viscera (Fu) in TCM. Students explore the physiological functions, interrelationships, and pathological implications of these organs, gaining a deeper understanding of their significance in diagnosis and treatment.

4. TCM Aetiology, Pathology, Treatment, and Prevention Principles: This component delves into the causes (aetiology) and mechanisms (pathology) of diseases according to TCM principles. Students learn about various disease patterns, their manifestations, and the principles of treatment and prevention in TCM practice.

5. Physical Examination: Practical skills in physical examination are emphasized, focusing on observation, palpation, and other tactile assessments to gather diagnostic information about the patient's health status.

6. TCM Diagnosis, including Tongue and Pulse Diagnosis: Students are trained in the art of TCM diagnosis, which includes assessing the tongue's appearance and the pulse's qualities to identify patterns of disharmony and inform treatment strategies.

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What is the cost of the Foundations of Chinese Medicine course?

The cost of Foundation of Chinese Medicine 2024-2025 is  € 2400 including the readers, mid-term exam, final exam, practical exam, tea/coffee of in-person lectures, four group apprenticeship days. 

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What books are recomended? 

  • Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Cheng Xinnong

  • The Foundation of Chinese Medicine, Giovanni Maciocia

  • Practical Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tietao Deng

  • Atlas of Chinese Tongue Diagnosis, Barbara Kirschbaum

  • Diagnosis in Chinese Medicine a comprehensive guide, Giovanni Maciocia

  • The secret of Chinese Pulse diagnosis, Bob Flaws

  • Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chen Ping

  • The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine, Maosheng Ni


What is class size at DAA?

  • DAA is keen on maintaining high education quality. Therefore, the class size is kept at 15 students to ensure personalized attention and effective instruction.

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Dates of lectures 

  • 7+8  September 2024

  •  5+6 October 2024

  •  9+10 November 2024

  •  30 nov. + 1Dec. 2024

  •  11.+12 January 2025

  •  1+2 February 2025 (midterm exams)

  •  1+2  March  2025

  •  5+6 April 2025

  •  10 +11  May 2025

  • 14+15 June 2025(final practical exam)

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I want to study acupuncture, do I need to study this course as well? 


A strong foundation in Chinese Medicine is essential for all students, regardless of their career aspirations in acupuncture, herbalism, or Tuina therapy. This foundational knowledge provides students with a comprehensive understanding of the principles and practices that underpin traditional Chinese medicine. By emphasizing the importance of this foundational education for all students, we ensure that graduates are well-equipped to excel in their chosen specialties and contribute effectively to the field of Chinese medicine.

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Is Foundation of Chinese Medicine a hybrid course?


During our online sessions, we prioritize theoretical studies encompassing key concepts such as the Yin Yang Theory, Five Elements Theory, Qi, Blood, and Body Fluid Theory, Internal Organ Theory, as well as Aetiology and Pathology. Additionally, we delve into treatment and prevention principles integral to the practice of Chinese Medicine. These sessions are designed to provide students with a solid understanding of fundamental theories and principles that form the basis of traditional Chinese medicine practice.

During our in-person sessions, we prioritize practical skill training, emphasizing hands-on experience and application. These sessions focus on developing essential clinical skills, including physical examination techniques such as observation, palpation, tongue diagnosis, and pulse diagnosis. Additionally, we place emphasis on honing patient communication skills, as effective communication is integral to providing quality care in the field of Chinese Medicine. Through interactive and experiential learning, students gain valuable practical experience that complements their theoretical knowledge and prepares them for real-world clinical practice.

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Will I receive a diploma upon successful completion of this course?

Yes, upon successfully completing the "Foundations of Chinese Medicine" course, you will receive a diploma recognizing your achievement. This diploma signifies your proficiency and understanding of the fundamental theories and practices within traditional Chinese medicine (TCM). It serves as a formal acknowledgment of your completion of the course and can be a valuable credential as you pursue further education including acupuncture, herbal medicicne, and Tuin Na in the field of TCM.


I am a student from another school. Can I join DAA's group apprenticeship, as I have heard tremendous positive feedback?

  • ​Yes, DAA welcomes external students to participate in the group apprenticeship. The cost is €100 per day with a student card and €120 per day for TCM practitioners.

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What is the required duration of the apprenticeship in this year?

  • Apprenticeship is a must to be a qualified therapist therefore DAA is strictly emphasie the quality and quantity of clinical apprenticeship. 

  • The apprenticeship for the study year is 80 hours.

Medical Team
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