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We educate you to be a qualified acupuncture therapist



When do I join this course ?

The complete acupuncture diploma course lasts 3 years. 

After completing the Foundation of Chinese Medicine course, you have the option to further your studies in acupuncture with the goal of becoming an acupuncturist.

Then you start another 2 years study on acupuncture denoted by the course codes ACU 1 and ACU 2.

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Can I transfer to DAA if I studied Foundation of Chinese Medicine at other school? 

Yes, you can transfer to DAA even if you have studied the Foundation of Chinese Medicine at another school. DAA welcomes students from diverse educational backgrounds and is open to accepting transfer credits, subject to evaluation. You may need to provide transcripts or other documentation of your previous coursework to determine transfer eligibility and placement within DAA's program. Please contact DAA's admissions office for further assistance and guidance regarding the transfer process.

Cupping therapy

Is the two years acupuncture study hybrid? 

Yes, the study at DAA is hybrid, meaning it incorporates both online and in-person components.

Traditional Chinese Medicine

I do not have Chinese background, how can I remember the acupoints? 

Indeed, the majority of our graduates and students come from Western countries without a Chinese background, and they have successfully achieved their study goals. Language should never be an obstacle for anyone wishing to study acupuncture and Chinese medicine, as long as they approach it with an open mind and dedication to learning. We welcome students from diverse linguistic and cultural backgrounds and provide support to ensure their success in mastering the principles and practices of acupuncture and Chinese medicine.


Dates of Lectures ACU2

14+15 September 2024

12+13 October 2024

16+17 November 2024

7+8 December 2024

 18+19 January 2025

 8+9 February 2025 (midterm exams)

 8+9 March 2025

 12+13 April 2025

 17+18 May 2025

 21+22 June 2025

School Schedule

What is the cost of acupuncture courses? 

 The cost of ACU 1, ACU2 course 2024-2025 is           € 2400  for each year, including the readers, mid-term exam, final exam, practical exam, tea/coffee of in-person lectures, 4-6 group apprenticeship days. 


What does ACU2 course cover?

·       The ACU2 course, "Acupuncture Therapeutics," is a hybrid program consisting of both online and in-person classes. Here's a breakdown of the focus areas for each format:

·       Online Classes:
- Therapeutics Viewpoint of Chinese Medicine: Exploring the approach of treating diseases versus treating patients within the context of Chinese Medicine.
- Case Recording and Report Writing: Learning how to record cases and create reports, as well as guidelines for writing a thesis on acupuncture therapy.
- Review and Improvement: Evaluating the depth of medical knowledge and identifying areas for further enrichment.
- Characteristics of Acupuncture Therapy: Understanding the broader scope of acupuncture therapy beyond needling techniques.
- Treatment Strategy and Planning: Developing strategies and plans for effective acupuncture treatments.
- Treatment Prognosis and Quality of Life: Assessing treatment outcomes and balancing treatment effectiveness with quality of life considerations.
- Acupuncture Treatments for Various Conditions: Exploring acupuncture treatment protocols for diseases affecting internal organs, common pediatric and gynecological conditions, neurological pain syndromes, dermatological diseases, psychological disorders, and supportive treatments for post-cancer and genitourinary conditions.

·       In-Person Classes:
- Treatment Strategy and Plan: Implementing treatment strategies and plans when working directly with patients.
- Patient Management: Hands-on experience managing real patient cases, including how to conduct consultations, examinations, and communication with patients.
- Diagnosis and Treatment Planning: Practicing diagnostic techniques and developing treatment plans based on patient presentations.
- Acupuncture Treatment Execution: Learning and applying acupuncture techniques in a clinical setting.
- Lifestyle Modification Advice: Providing guidance on lifestyle modifications to complement acupuncture treatment plans.

·       These in-person classes provide valuable hands-on experience and mentorship, allowing students to integrate theoretical knowledge with practical skills in patient care and management.


Can I study ACU1 and ACU2 at the same year?


You need to complete ACU1 before you can progress to ACU2.

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I am a student from other schools, can I join the group apprenticeship in DAA? 

​Yes, DAA welcomes external students to participate in the group apprenticeship. The cost is €100 per day with a student card and €120 per day for TCM practitioners.

Acupuncture Session

What does ACU1 course cover?

The virtual classes will focus on the following topics:

- Does Acupuncture Work: Exploring evidence-based medicine and traditional medicine to understand the effectiveness of acupuncture.
- Meridian System and Its Influence on Life Activities: Studying the meridian system and how it impacts various physiological and psychological functions in the body.
- Meridian Detection: Investigating methods and techniques for detecting meridians in the body.
- Acupoints: Understanding the specific points on the body used for acupuncture treatment.
- Classification of Acupoints and Clinical Application: Categorizing acupoints based on their clinical significance and learning how to apply them in treatment.
- Basic Acupuncture Needling Techniques: Mastering fundamental techniques for inserting acupuncture needles.
- Advanced Needling Techniques: Exploring advanced needling techniques tailored to individual body constitutions and disease patterns.
- Moxibustion Therapy: Learning about the therapeutic use of moxibustion, a traditional Chinese medicine technique involving the burning of mugwort.
- Cupping Therapy: Understanding the practice of cupping therapy and its applications in treating various conditions.
- Auricular Acupuncture: Exploring acupuncture techniques applied to the ear for therapeutic purposes.
- Scalp Acupuncture: Studying the specialized technique of scalp acupuncture and its clinical uses.
- Electroacupuncture: Exploring the application of electrical stimulation to acupuncture needles for enhanced therapeutic effects.
- Patient Contact and Individualized Treatment: Learning how to personalize acupuncture treatment by selecting appropriate acupoints and needle insertion techniques based on individual patient needs.

During the in-person classes, students will receive personalized instruction and guidance from the lecturers during practical sessions, which will cover the following:

- Locating Acupoints on the Twelve Regular Meridians: Hands-on instruction on how to accurately locate acupoints along the traditional pathways of the twelve regular meridians.

- Locating Acupoints on Extra Meridians: Learning to identify and locate acupoints on the Extra Meridians, which are additional pathways of energy flow in the body.

- Various Needling Techniques and Advanced Techniques: Practice and refinement of various needling techniques, including both basic techniques and advanced methods tailored to specific body constitutions and disease patterns.

- Moxibustion Therapy: Hands-on experience with the application of moxibustion therapy, including techniques for safely and effectively administering heat to acupoints using moxa.

- Cupping Therapy: Practical instruction on the application of cupping therapy, including techniques for creating suction and applying cups to specific areas of the body.

- Auricular Acupuncture: Learning how to apply acupuncture techniques to the ear, including the identification and stimulation of specific auricular acupoints.

- Scalp Acupuncture: Instruction on the specialized technique of scalp acupuncture, including needle insertion and stimulation methods for addressing various health concerns.

- Electroacupuncture: Practical training in the application of electrical stimulation to acupuncture needles, enhancing therapeutic effects through controlled electrical currents.

- Guided Consultation and Treatment for Demo Patients: Opportunities to observe and participate in guided consultations and treatments with demonstration patients, under the supervision and guidance of experienced instructors.

These in-person classes provide invaluable hands-on experience and mentorship, allowing students to develop practical skills and confidence in applying acupuncture and related therapies in clinical settings.

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Dates of Lectures ACU1

14+15 September 2024

12+13 October 2024

16+17 November 2024

7+8  December 2024

18+19 January 2025

8+9 February 2025 (midterm exams)

8+9 March 2025

12+13 April 2025

17+18 May 2025

21+22 June 2025

Home Desk

What books are recommended?

·       Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion, Cheng Xinnong

·       The Practice of Chinese Medicine, Giovanni Maciocia

·       The treatment of Pain, Sun Peilin

·       Bi-Syndrome: Rhematic disorder treatment by TCM, Sun Peilin

·       A Manual of Acupuncture, Peter Deadman

·       Essential of Chinese Medicine Liu Zhanwen

·       An Acupuncturist’s guide to red flags & referrals, auteur D. Anzaldua

·       The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Medicine, Maosheng Ni

Reading Books in Library

What is the required duration of the apprenticeship in 2 years study?

  • Apprenticeship is a must to be a qualified therapist therefore DAA is strictly emphasie the quality and quantity of clinical apprenticeship. 

  • The apprenticeship for the first acupuncture year is 96 hours, for the second 180 hours. 

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