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A global effort performing a new mash-up ‘You Raise Me Up’ (Secret Garden, 2002) with ‘A Spray of Plum Blossoms 一剪梅’ (Fei Yu-Ching 費玉清, 1983) to send a healing message intended to lift spirits and ease the negative impact from Covid 19.

The impressive collection of homemade videos was recorded by 55 TCM practitioners, academics, researchers, patients, and their families from Australia, USA, China, England, France, Holland, Israel, Italy, Spain, and Switzerland.

 The harmonious covers were edited together and involves singing, playing of traditional Chinese instruments, and performances of Baduanjin and Liùhé gong.

The Chinese Medicine Centre received overwhelming support from not only our global community in TCM through 22 professional organisations, but also their families, as young children and aged grandparents alike also joined in the performances and contributed to making the videography possible.

 Music instructed by Haoyue Kuang Initiated and produced by the Chinese Medicine Centre, Western Sydney University.



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