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Minimale toelatingseisen voor deze opleiding:
1. De opleidingen “Foundation of Chinese Medicine” en “Acupuncture jaar 1″ met voldoende resultaat afgerond.
2. Geregistreerde Acupuncturisten en Shiatsu-therapeuten.


Lestijden 10:00 – 17:00

Study year 2023-2024

September 09 + 10 – physical

October 07 + 08 – physical

November 04 + 05 – physical

December 02 + 03 – physical

Januari 06 + 07 – online

February 03 + 04 – physical

March 02 + 03 – online

April 06 + 07 – physical

May 11 + 12 – physical

June 08 + 09 – physical

Midterm Exam: February 2024

Examen: July 2024

Docenten: Weixiang Wang, Marlon Tjin-A-Koeng


This location is valid from September 2023 on

Chinese Tuina Course takes 2 years, the content of the first year is identical with that of the first year of Acupuncture Course which focus on meridians, acupoints, acupuncture techniques and other therapeutic methods. 

The second year starts from basic physical and mind training for Tuina therapists, followed by Tuina manipulations and the practical treatment for the common complaints and diseases in Tuina practice, as well as the strategy of communication with patients and making treatment plans. Tuina therapy for the children is very unique and effective for some paediatric disorders due to its non-invasive approach. 

reflexology massage tuina therapy

The second year of Tuina Course consists of 3 online education and 7 face-to-face education.

The online education focus on:

  • The mechanism of Tuina
  • Fundamental Anatomy & Physiology related to Tuina therapy
  • Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced Tuina Hand and Range of Motion Techniques
  • Tuina Pathology
  • Application of Meridian and Acupoints in Tuina practice
  • Paediatric Tuina: specific points used for children
  • Paediatric Tuina: specific manipulations techniques used for children
  • Client intake: assess and create a treatment plan based on the principles of Chinese medicine
  • Knowledge and Tools needed for creating a successful Tuina practice including: Business and Ethics, Health & Hygiene, Practice Management and Professional Guidelines

The main contents of the practical class:

  • First contact with your patients
  • Feel the body by heart
  • Practical physical examination
  • Pulse diagnosis
  • Tongue diagnosis
  • Read the body language of the patients
  • Patients communication and customer maintenance

The main contents of face-on-face education are:

  • Tuina basic training: Yi Jin Jing
  • Tuina basic training: Shao Lin Nei Gong
  • Tuina manipulations: category of pressing
  • Tuina manipulations: category of pushing
  • Tuina manipulations: category of rubbing
  • Tuina manipulations: category of rolling
  • Tuina manipulations: category of grasping
  • Tuina manipulations: category of vibrating
  • Tuina manipulations: category of rotating
  • Tuina manipulations: category of pulling
  • Tuina treatments for adults with various diseases
  • Tuina treatments for children with various diseases
  • Combination with other TCM therapies

Study Guide 2023-2024

Download the study guide for the academic year 2023-2024 via the button below.