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A teacher is one who imparts knowledge, imparts skills, and resolves doubts.


Finding a TCM school in the Netherlands is not difficult, but finding a school with core values in exceptional education and individual hands-on training can be challenging. DAA proudly offers these to our students.

Our leading professors and lecturers have over 30 years of experience in education and clinical expertise in acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, and conventional medicine.  They are educational experts in the classroom, in clinical practice, and in addressing patient’s concerns. You will not be able to find a comparable educational institute in Europe.

By offering well-designed education programs on Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Tuina and Medical Qigong, DAA and EATMS we give you the tools to gain an advantage through our specialized personal training.

Our advanced professional education programs have been appreciated by hundreds of TCM practitioners from the Netherlands and other European countries.

DAA: Empowering Ambitions, Supporting Your Success!

New profession, new future

The registration of new academic year 2024 - 2025 will open soon ...

Meet Our Staff

Prof. Dr. Zhigang Yang

Zhigang Yang

Prof. Dr. Fengli Yao

Fengli Yao

Prof. Dr. Peilin Sun
Prof. Dr. Jie Li

Peilin Sun

Jie Li

Prof. Dr. Tianjun Wang
Drs. Marlon Tjin-A-Koeng
Dr. Gil Ton
Prof. Dr. Cheng Qian

Tianjun Wang

Marlon Tjin-A-Koeng

Gil Ton

Cheng Qian

Prof. Dr. Lin Chen
Dr. Tianrong Ren
Dr. Alan Xinglin Wang
Prof. Dr. Weixiang Wang

Lin Chen

Tianrong Ren

Xinglin Wang

Weixiang Wang

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